A request has been made by Jason Clark for his team to represent the Grange Sailing Club, even though the club is not affiliated with Australian Sailing, a requirement listed in Section 7 of the Notice of Race.

The following communication was forwarded to the Event Host by Jason Clark.


Dear Harry,

I would like to formally request an exemption to Section 7 of the event Notice of Race, which states that each club entering the event needs to be affiliated with Australian Sailing.

I am planning the skipper the boat, while Jesse Mitton, Albert Mead and Victoria Young will be my crew. We are active sailors in South Australia however are not all members of the same club for our regular sailing.

All sailors in our team however are active sailing members of South Australian clubs that are affiliated with Australian Sailing and we have provided their Australian Sailing numbers and contact details to you as part of our entry.

We understand that if we are successful in this event, our team is not able to represent Grange Sailing Club at the SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific Final in Newcastle in March 2022 and therefore the second placed team in the SA Sailing League would be given that opportunity.

I look forward to your response.


Jason Clark


The request was accepted by the Event Host and the Grange Sailing Club team will be allowed to compete in the event, on the condition that the team, if successful in winning the event, will be unable to achieve qualification to the SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific Final in Newcastle in March 2022 as per Section 9 of the Notice of Race.

Harry Fisher
Event Director