Sail Adelaide Site Map

The YELLOW zones indicate where you can store and rig your boats during the event. Boats are safe on lawn areas overnight (at own risk), the club has never had an issue. The dinghy park is prioritised for ASC members first and then available for visitor access after 6pm (space permitting).

The Binks Marine on-site chandlery is listed in BLUE.

The clubhouse, including bar, lawn area and regatta village is shown in GREEN.

The Regatta Office and canteen will be located downstairs in the clubhouse. 

Road trailers to be placed in the RED zones or taken home once boats arrive.

The ORANGE path must be kept clear at all times except when boats are being dropped off. The drop off and pick up zone must be respected.

The carpark is shown on the map in PURPLE. NO PARKING is allowed in any of the RED or YELLOW zones.


This event will have a lot of space, however you are encouraged to place your boats as close as possible to the southern end of the lawn near the flagpoles. Road trailers must be moved to the red zones or taken home immediately after boats are dropped off. Cars can stop on the central orange concrete area for drop off and then must be brought back up to the car park.


Support boats and coach boats are able to leave their boats in the ASC hard stand overnight, or alternatively in the water at their own risk. There will be a basic charge for boats using club facilities and we ask that you sort this out at the registration desk. See below.

Cost: 1 carton of Bar Karate Sailors Lager for the volunteers ($70)