Sail Brighton Site Map

The YELLOW zones indicate where you can store and rig your boats during the event. Alternative rigging will be available on the beach and boats brought into the main driveway after racing.

The Binks Marine on-site chandlery is listed in BLUE.

The clubhouse, including bar, lawn area and regatta village is shown in GREEN.

The Regatta Office and canteen will be located downstairs in the clubhouse. 

Road trailers to be placed in the RED zones on the beach or taken home once boats arrive.

The ORANGE path must be kept clear during times of high traffic, while the path from the Binks shop to the back gate must always be kept clear.


This event will be quite crowded, it is important that you only take up enough space in the rigging area for the footprint of your boat and that gear and equipment brought in is at a minimum and is kept neat and tidy. Road trailers must be moved to the beach or taken home immediately after boats are dropped off.


Any coach boats and support boats will not be able to be stored at the event due to limited space. These boats can either be kept on the beach, or taken home each day. As a result of this, you will not be charged for bringing in support/coach boats for Sail Brighton, but we do ask that you still register them with the regatta office.